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Lab Classes at the Oakes Museum (6th-12th grade)

Lab Classes at the Oakes Museum (6th-12th grade)


Please note that prices and event times are specific to that dates program. Lab classes are drop-off programs. Pre-registration and prepayment is required. Our grade designations are guidelines, not rules.

October 2 – 9:30-12: Terrestrial Entomology
This lab will begin with an overview of insect taxonomy and morphology Students will collect insects in the field, and learn how to preserve and pin insects for display. ($15)

October 9 - 9:30-11:30: Dissections
Students will be introduced to the external and internal anatomy of animals as they learn dissection techniques and safety. Choose one: Earthworm/Grasshopper, Perch, Dogfish, or Frog ($25)

October 9 - 12:30-2:30: Guided Frog Dissection
Students will go through the dissection together with instructor’s guidance. This is perfect for students with no dissection experience. ($25)

October 23, 10-2:30: The Ecology of Stoney Valley
This unique day will include a three to four mile hike. Our trip will focus on forest ecology, aquatic ecology including an amphibian survey, along with a historic review of the valley. Since this is an off-site program, a parent or guardian needs to be present, and directions will be sent. ($25)

November 15, 9:30-12:00: Radio Telemetry
Students will explore the technique of radiotelemetric tracking, and will have the opportunity to track tagged specimens ($25).

December 20 – 12:30-3:00: Parasites
Students will explore several common ectoparasites encountered in Pennsylvania, and the role they play as disease vectors. Microscope slides and whole mounts will be viewed, and students will receive an introduction to microscope use ($15)

March 20 – 9:30-noon: Ecology of Vernal Pools
Students will examine life in a vernal pool, learn the natural history of the amphibians dependent upon them, and come prepared to go outside! ($15)


Oakes Museum @ Messiah College

Lab Classes at the Oakes Museum (6th-12th grade)