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Local Mystery Authors Book Signing

Local Mystery Authors Book Signing


October is the perfect time to explore the mysterious and the macabre, and what better way than with mystery books written by local authors? Meet Misty Simon and Sherry Knowlton, two mystery writers with local settings for their stories. Misty’s Tallie Graver series is set in Mechanicsburg, while Sherry’s Alexa Williams series is set throughout south-central PA.

Misty Simon is the author of the Tallie Graver mysteries, the Adventures in Ghostsitting series, the Ivy Morris mysteries, and many other fantastic works of fiction. Her Tallie Graver books revolve around Tallie, a young woman who decides to work as a cleaning lady after a messy divorce rather than return the Graver Funeral Home, her family’s business, but dead bodies have a way of finding their way to her regardless. Find out more about Misty and her books at

Sherry Knowlton is the author of the Alexa Williams suspense novels. Dead of Autumn, the first in the series, tells how Alexa first walked into a Pennsylvania forest to chase her dog only to stumble upon a woman’s corpse, changing her life forever. Find out more about Sherry and her books at


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Local Mystery Authors Book Signing