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Meditation & Yoga Six Pack

Meditation & Yoga Six Pack


Ever wonder what all the hype is about meditation, or why it just doesn’t float your boat? Ever wonder, “Am I meditating right?!?”

Truly, there is much more to meditation than quiet sitting in the Lotus position and mindfulness. One size meditation does not fit all!

In this workshop, we will experience 6 rejuvenating and user-friendly forms of meditation, interspersed with corresponding fundamental yoga poses that are guaranteed to bring joy, open the body & support the heart-mind in a relaxing, non-judgemental atmosphere.

Led by Brooke Wiley & Ginny Parkum, a teacher with the Bright Dawn Center of Oneness Buddhism, this two hour offering will debunk any myths you might have about meditation, its usages, purpose and seriousness. Our Yoga poses will draw us into meditation, as well as reminding us that we meet ourselves wherever we are, with gratitude and self-love.

Appropriate for all levels of yoga, beginners welcome! Pre-registration required by Friday, June 28

Cost: 25$


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Meditation & Yoga Six Pack