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Meet the Poet: Shel Silverstein

Meet the Poet: Shel Silverstein


Do you know the boy who tried to sell his sister? Have you met Peggy Ann McKay who could not go to school today? Do you know where the sidewalk ends? Are you a dreamer, a wisher, or magic bean buyer? Do you know any of the wonderful words of Shel Silverstein? Just one more question -are you already for an hour of acting, laughing, and just-plain-being-goofy? The come and discover (or re-discover) the hilarious poetry of Shel Silverman as we share, recite, and chortle at a great selection of his silly poems. Participants will receive a free copy of Silverstein's book, Every Thing On It.

Registration Required

Registration Limit: 8

Age Group: Entering grads 4-6

To register, call (717) 243-4642, ext. 2231 or visit the Youth Services Desk.

Bosler Memorial Library

Meet the Poet: Shel Silverstein