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Despite the cartoon image, the Vikings never wore horned helmets. But they did leave a fascinating cultural legacy to Western civilization. Based in Scandinavia, the Vikings supplied mercenaries for the Byzantine court in Constantinople; Viking traders ranged as far east as Baghdad; and hardy adventurers founded Viking settlements as far west as Newfoundland. This program goes beyond myth and legend to paint a colorful picture of the real Vikings: sailors, craftsmen, warriors, and – by the 11th century – converted Christian kings of northern Europe.

A native of Williamsport, PA, John Maietta retired from a lifelong public relations career in 2010. He operated a successful freelance business in the Harrisburg area for many years while serving as a public affairs officer with the Pennsylvania National Guard. Starting in 2002, he completed numerous active-duty assignments with the U.S. Army, including long-term deployments to Bosnia, Kosovo, Germany, and Iraq. In 2014, he received a master’s degree in applied history from Shippensburg University. He later taught introductory courses in world history at Shippensburg University and York College of Pennsylvania. His popular presentations on history and culture have been featured at many libraries, retirement centers, and other venues throughout the region.