Murder Mystery Dinner Cruise

City Island,
Harrisburg, PA 17101
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You solve the crime! Become an amateur detective during this fun 2-hour cruise along the Susquehanna River. If you’re looking for a little intrigue on the water, a Murder Mystery Dining Cruise is just for you. An entertaining event will unfold around you as professional actors perform "a whodunnit skit" Murder Mystery show live. Guests are encouraged to uncover clues and compare notes with other guests. The guest who figures out "whodunit" leaves with a Murder Mystery prize of the evening! This is a perfect evening of murder and mayhem and fun for all!

Dates & Topics

June 14 An Unbridled Murder (Private)
June 22 An Unbridled Murder
July 26 Crocodile M for Murder
August 9 Par for the corpse
August 23 And the Answer is….Murder
September 6 An Unbridled Murder
September 20 Foul Play

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