Night at the Museum, 1863

297 Steinwehr Avenue,
Gettysburg, PA 17325
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The Battle of Gettysburg changed more lives than we could ever imagine. The events that took place in July of 1863 in a small town many people had never heard of forever affected our nation's history. The Gettysburg Heritage Center museum will come to life with first-person accounts of the battle. You will hear stories about how the townspeople reacted to the battle raging outside their front door - did they hide? Fight? Run? What dangers did the civilians encounter during the battle?  How did a town left with nothing but wounded and dead find the strength to continue on? 

These are the stories of the people who struggled, survived, and rebuilt not only a town but a country. Throughout the museum, you will hear messages of courage and strength - that through the dark, there is light. You will gain a better sense of what life was truly like for them during the war and how they were ordinary people like us, who had to do extraordinary things!