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Sacred Energy Circle - "Embodying the Lion as a Lamb"

Sacred Energy Circle - "Embodying the Lion as a Lamb"


There is an Awakening rippling throughout our society symbolically mirroring “lambs” embodying the “Courage of the Lion” as their silenced voices are now heard collectively as a roar of Truth. One’s trusting innocence need no longer be led to sacrificial slaughter. Standing strongly in one’s Power allows a fierceness to overcome any would be predators. Choosing Love over fear amplifies the emergence of an entirely new landscape reflecting Harmony ruling the domain so All are seen and appreciated for the unique gifts they have to offer. Let’s gather purposefully, embraced as Strength and guided by Wisdom to propel us onward!

Energy Circles are a unique opportunity to show up in complete synchronicity with others mirroring our Truth and providing a place of safety which encourages our “Yes” to why we’re here in this lifetime. Our willingness to speak our Intention into the Circle and surrender to the Power of our Breath activates our fullest potential within.

Please bring a water bottle and a light snack to share. Grounding with food afterwards is important.

Cost: $35

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Sacred Energy Circle - "Embodying the Lion as a Lamb"