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Spooky Young Adult Book Signing

Spooky Young Adult Book Signing


Nobody loves Halloween more than young adults, so pick up some reading for them to stay in the Halloween spirit with a few spooky young adult books! Local authors Devon Taylor, AE Faulkner, and Matty Dalrymple will be here to sign their books.

Devon Taylor is the author of the YA fantasy The Soul Keepers, the story of a deceased teen finding a job aboard the ocean liner tasked with ferrying souls of the dead. The Ghost Seekers, the sequel to The Soul Keepers, released this September. Find out more about Devon and his books at

AE Faulkner is the author of the YA dystopia Darkness Falls, the story of two sisters who face the end of the world after a pleasant family vacation is interrupted by Mother Nature’s revenge. She is also the author of Anguish Unfolds, a companion novella to Darkness Falls. Find out more about AE and her books at

Matty Dalrymple is the author of the Lizzy Ballard thrillers and the Ann Kinnear suspense novels. The Ann Kinnear books follow Ann Kinnear, a woman with a special spirit sense, who is called from her peaceful cabin to help solve missing person cases. Find out more about Matty and her books at


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Spooky Young Adult Book Signing