Spring Renewal: Creating Intention and Belonging in Your Home

158 West High Street,
Carlisle, PA 17013
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Whether you think of spring as a time of renewal or the entertaining season, there are little tweaks you can make to your home to be more comfortable and inviting. Join us as Rachel Andreoli, Design and Planning Consultant and Erin MacNamara, Professional Organizer, offer a workshop combining intentional living with the transformative power of interior design and organization. Participants will learn how to create intentionality and purpose in their living spaces, making them more inviting and conducive to connection with others. Topics will include how spaces impact mood and mindset, how to create inviting common areas of the home, how decluttering and organization contribute to a more intentional lifestyle, and will also design a personalized action plan to maintain these practices and continue building a sense of belonging.

Rachel Andreoli owns Interior Intuition, and Erin MacNamara owns Carlisle Home Organizers. They offer in-home consultations and are very pleased to offer their insights at this library program!