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"Stained Glass Mosaic Serving Tray" with Janet McKelvey

"Stained Glass Mosaic Serving Tray" with Janet McKelvey


This class is going to be so cool. Janet McKelvey from Inks & Drinks and Acrylic Paint Pour is going to be here to do some beautiful work with stained glass!! Come create a stained glass mosaic serving tray. This is a two-session class. All materials are included in the price. The glass, omni grip, serving tray, acrylic paint, and epoxy, which Janet will apply to the finished projects. There will be homework, which must be completed in two weeks between the two sessions.

**$20.00 of the $100.00 class fee is a deposit for tools and will be returned to students when the tools are returned after the 2nd session!**

This a two-session class. The first session is Saturday, October 12th and the second session is on Saturday, October 26th. This class is available to anyone 16 and older. No experience is required. BYOB for 21 and over. Tea service is also provided from our Teafinery and complimentary dessert created and provided by Renee Napoli.

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**Brain Vessel and/or the instructing artist reserves the right to cancel the class if the minimum student requirement is not met by two days before the class date. Refund or rain check for the next class will be given.**

About Janet:

My love for stained glass began about 20 years ago. I signed up for a beginner class and just took off from there. I haven't used anyone else's pattern since. (Well, except for Tiffany. I have reproduced a few of his masterpieces.) I enjoy the whole process from the idea, the design, carefully choosing each individual piece of glass and meticulously shaping them to fit together. I get most of my inspiration from nature. I marvel at the way nature is perfect, even when it's imperfect. I love designing to suit my clients' taste and environment from a six-foot window down to a little suncatcher. I have custom made windows of various shapes and sizes, cabinet doors, lamps, boxes, etc. There's nothing like delivering something that moves someone's spirit like only art can do. Today I teach the same class I started with. I also teach and enjoy working with alcohol inks, acrylic paint and glass mosaic but stained glass will always have my heart.


Brain Vessel (The Gallery)

"Stained Glass Mosaic Serving Tray" with Janet McKelvey