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Susquehanna Mystery Alliance Meeting

Susquehanna Mystery Alliance Meeting


SMA Meeting with Guest Hilda Koontz

Title: Unsuspected Heroines: Female Spies in the Civil War

At the outbreak of the American Civil War, men joined the armies and women, by necessity, took on new and unaccustomed vocations. A particularly intrepid group of women did the truly unexpected – they joined the "shadow army" of spies, smugglers and scouts. Regardless of their politics, economic class or ethnicity, these daring women defied cultural norms and risked their lives to aid their country. This program will introduce you to authentic unsung heroines who took on extraordinary risks and changed the course of history.

Hilda C. Koontz is a writer, editor, and former journalist. She is a frequent speaker for the National Museum of Civil War Medicine, The Little Big Horn Associates and for numerous Civil War roundtables and historical societies, including those in Chicago and St. Louis. Ms. Koontz is Past President of the Gettysburg Civil War Roundtable and a member of The Company of Military Historians.

Reservations required. If you have any questions, please contact us at 717-795-7470 during store hours or by the contact us page on this website.


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Susquehanna Mystery Alliance Meeting