Cumberland Valley is here for you when you are ready to travel again. As we enter the Green Phase of re-opening on June 12, here are some updates that can help you plan your Weekend Easy getaway.

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TCO Fly Fishing School: Strictly on the Surface

2 East First Street,
Boiling Springs, PA 17007
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A Complete Review of Dry Fly Fishing" with Relentless Fly Fishing Head Trout Guide Neil Sunday

A comprehensive classroom and on-stream learning experience covering all aspects of fly fishing on the surface!

Topics to be discussed will be:
- hatch cycle throughout the year here in the Cumberland Valley and beyond
- difference between Emergers, Duns, and Spinners (and when to use each)
- understanding rise forms and how to read surface activity
- rods, leader construction, and equipment optimized for dry fly fishing
- a thorough discussion and review of flies used to imitate all relevant hatches
-casting and approaching rising fish

Attendees will not only have in-class discussion and review but will head to the stream for tactics, approach, analysis, and casting to fish!