The Joe Bonham Project: "We Are Not Our Wounds"

33 W. High Street,
Carlisle, PA 17013
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The Cumberland County Historical Society, in partnership with the J. Sherwood McGinnis, Jr., War, Peace, and Justice Project is hosting the Joe Bonham Project--"We Are NotOur Wounds." The Joe Bonham Project, a consortium of artists primarily from the New York Society of Illustrators, was founded in 2011 by Chief Warrant Officer-2 Michael D. Fay USMC (retired), a former official Marine Corps combat artist. The work is dedicated to documenting the challenging medical journeys of American service members after experiencing traumatic combat injuries and the terrors of combat. The art depicts, with sobering intensity, the challenges for the soldiers and their families in the wake of being wounded in action. Theirs is an excruciating journey to physically and psychologically heal and forge a new relationship with themselves and the world as whole human beings – not simply as the sum of their wounds.

Cumberland County Historical Society
G. B. Stuart History Workshop
33 W. High St., Carlisle, PA
Nov. 7 – Dec. 13, 2023

Joe Bonham is a fictional character. He is the WWI wounded, faceless protagonist in the 1939 anti-war novel Johnny Got His Gun, by Dalton Trumbo and the 1971 movie of the same title.