The Trees Remember: Author Talk with Joyce Kieffer

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Carlisle, PA 17013
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Join us for an exciting talk from local author Joyce Kieffer! Joyce Kieffer is the author of The Trees Remember—a trilogy of historical novels set in the turn-of-the-twentieth-century virgin forests of Juniata County, Pennsylvania. The series tells the story of the heroine’s odyssey from her small family farm in the forest foothills, to the John’s Hopkins Training School for Nurses, and back to her forest homeland and its wild and dangerous lumber camps. Along the way, she uncovers her life purpose . . . and a few intriguing secrets that change her life forever.

Although the novels are set nearly a century ago, Joyce addresses issues relevant to today: ecology; racism; classism; and gender inequality. Superimposed on these themes are the lush, beautiful forests and the flora and fauna that call them home, the rich cultural stories of life in rural Pennsylvania where farming is a way of life, and the Native American wisdom and respect for the plants, soil, and water we all share.

Joyce lives with her husband in central Pennsylvania, her daughters and their families nearby—a short hour’s drive away from the mountain cabin in the Shade Mountains that birthed the idea for this story and its messages of courage, family, and above all, truth.