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Totally 80s, Totally Murder

Totally 80s, Totally Murder


Someone has been totally murdered and it is your job, with a gnarly glass of wine hand, to figure out who did it. Doors open at 6:30 on November 11, and the mystery starts at 7pm. Awesome appetizers by Biggerstaff's Catering will be provided in the ticket cost

Poison Ratenstein is in town for a killer concert, but his fans may be looking for a refund after this twisted tour turns tragic with a murder and a mystery to solve. This radical show could be super lame if no one can solve who was buggin’ so we can all cool out and get the show started! Help the crowd and the detective figure out who ruined this totally tubular night, so everyone can, like, take a chill pill.

Make sure you are dressed with the times or someone may ask you to bag your head! Grab your most righteous ‘80s concert gear to rock out in style while you solve a crime with your friends. Jean jackets and spandex leggings, big hair, bangles, leg warmers, and ripped jeans will be all the rage at this rocking night of mystery. See you there!

No ticket necessary! Just print out your receipt and we will have a list with your name at the door. If you have any special seating needs, feel free call us, 717.334.4888 ext 1. Thanks. 

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Totally 80s, Totally Murder