War and Peace Come to Cumberland County

33 West High Street,
Carlisle, PA 17013
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History happens here!

Join us in a walk through history! Throughout Cumberland County’s history, residents have experienced periods of both war and peace. Since its founding in 1750, the County has been steeped in history, beginning with the French and Indian War. The exhibit continues through the Revolutionary War and touches on conflicts into the 20th century, including the World Wars and personal interviews with Veterans of Vietnam. Reflect on the sacrifices made by our veterans. It also highlights the cost of war by illuminating the generosity, hospitality, and humanity of residents by their helping refugees from Vietnam, Bosnia, Afghanistan, and most recently Ukraine.

This extraordinary exhibit takes the visitor on a journey through time and how war and conflict have affected and shaped Cumberland County with the help of many organizations that service the needs of the Carlisle and Cumberland County communities.