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Yoga Posture Clinic- Chaturanga Dhandasana

Yoga Posture Clinic- Chaturanga Dhandasana


Get ready to improve, enhance and transform your yoga practice. Whether you are a brand new student or an advanced practitioner, there is always more to learn. Our posture clinics focus on a different pose or series of movements each month.

You will learn:
-how to do the pose safely with proper alignment
-getting in and out of the pose
-different variations of the pose including basic, moderate and advanced variations
-using props to go deeper & get more support
-how long to hold the pose
-benefits & precautions

This month we will focus on Chaturanga Dhandasana (four limbed staff pose).

Chatturunga is a powerful posture that cannot be rushed as it takes upper body strength, core strength, keen alignment, and body awareness to attain the full posture. We will explore all variations of this pose, and, you will learn how to build one stage at a time.

We will use props and strength building techniques including an easy variation of Chaturunga at the wall.

All-levels welcome. You will learn how to slowly build up to the full posture or to add challenge to your current pose.

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Yoga Posture Clinic- Chaturanga Dhandasana