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Yoga Posture Clinic - Frog/Mandukasana

Yoga Posture Clinic - Frog/Mandukasana


Get ready to improve, enhance and transform your yoga practice. Whether you are a brand new student or an advanced practitioner, there is always more to learn. Our posture clinics focus on a different pose or series of movements each month.

You will learn:
-How to do the pose safely with proper alignment
-Getting in and out of the pose
-Different variations of the pose including basic, moderate and advanced variations
-Using props to go deeper & get more support
-How long to hold the pose
-Benefits & precautions

This month we will focus on Frog Posture/Mandukasana,

Benefits of the posture:
-Opens the chest and shoulders
-Improves posture
-Strengthens the back muscles
-Improves circulation in hips and thighs
-Stimulates the digestive system
-Relieves stress, anxiety, and mild depression

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Yoga Posture Clinic - Frog/Mandukasana