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Congratulations on your big day! At Timeless Events, our goal is to ensure that every wedding becomes a timeless event that will be remembered fondly for a lifetime.

We offer a variety of services for any budget or level of involvement you desire.

At Timeless Events we pride ourselves on being "Wedding Coordinators" whose jobs are to help coordinator the finer details to make your dream wedding a reality.

At the end of the day, our job is to make the planning process, as simple and stress free as your big day should be.

We provide a variety of services designed to suit your every need.

  • Your wedding plans
  • Your vision of what you imagine your wedding day to be
  • Your specific needs
  • Your expectations
  • Your budget
  • However else we can be of assistance to you

Your wedding day is a once in a lifetime event that should be perfect. And we hope to make the hopes and dreams of your wedding day a reality.