Cumberland Valley Parks & Wildlife 

Nature enthusiasts can't get enough of Cumberland Valley's state parks, state forests, community parks, and wildlife areas. Whether it's a challenging hike, a leisurely float along our scenic waterways, or a fun camping expedition, you and your family will connect with nature as you explore hidden gems waiting to be found. 

Let nature inspire you as you escape the daily hustle and bustle to find solitude among our quiet, natural beauty.

Explore outdoor recreation options using this interactive map showing our parks, land trails, and water trails (including access points, water hazards, and water warnings). Detailed information about the parks and walking/hiking trails can be found below or click here for more information about the water trails.

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10 Scenic Overlooks

In Cumberland Valley, there are a number of outstanding scenic overlooks that give residents and visitors the opportunity to look across the Valley's quaint towns, rolling farmland, and wooded forests.


Explore Cumberland Valley's wide-open spaces and stay away from the crowds along some of our lesser-known trails and parks.


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