Tourism Infrastructure Loan Fund (TILF)

If you have questions about the program or need guidance on an open project please contact Christy Zitsch at 717-240-7196 or

CAEDC also has a Tourism Product Development Grant and Tourism Recovery Grant available for tourism partners. Find more information here.

TILF Information

The Tourism Infrastructure Loan Fund (TILF) was established by CAEDC to lessen the financial risk to banks lending capital to businesses in the tourism industry for acquisitions and facility improvements.

Eligible Projects

  • Land and building acquisition
  • Site and Leasehold Improvements
  • Building renovation
  • New Construction
  • Machinery and equipment purchase

Eligible Borrowers

  • Any non-profit or for-profit tourism enterprise. The following are considered tourism enterprises:
  • Hotel, motel, bed and breakfast or other lodging facility
  • An enterprise operating as a restaurant or food service operation
  • An enterprise deemed as a tourism attraction and can provide quantifiable proof of draw for out-of-town visitors

Loan Limits

  • $20,000 - $100,000


  • Machinery & Equipment: Up to 10 years
  • Real Estate: Up to 15 years

Job Requirement

  • One full-time job for every $35,000 that is borrowed must be created or retained as a requirement for this loan. Borrower has 2 years from the loan disbursement to fill the job requirement.

Interest Rate

  • 4% below prime or 2.0%, whichever is higher
  • Fees: 1% application fee, with half due upon application submission, and the other half due at closing. Annual fees are 0.5% of the outstanding loan amount

Prepayment Penalty

  • There is no prepayment penalty