Tourism Infrastructure Loan Fund (TILF)

Program Suspended Until Further Notice

Due to decreased funding streams caused by restricted travel conditions surrounding COVID-19, the Tourism Infrastructure Loan Fund (TILF) has been paused. CAEDC remains optimistic that TILF will reopen to partner applicants in the future.

If you have questions about the program or need guidance on an open project please contact Valerie Copenhaver at 717-240-7193 or

TILF Information

The Tourism Infrastructure Loan Fund (TILF) was established by CAEDC to lessen the financial risk to banks lending capital to businesses in the tourism industry for acquisitions and facility improvements.

Eligible Projects

  • Land and building acquisition
  • Site and Leasehold Improvements
  • Building renovation
  • New Construction
  • Machinery and equipment purchase

Eligible Borrowers

  • Any non-profit or for-profit tourism enterprise. The following are considered tourism enterprises:
  • Hotel, motel, bed and breakfast or other lodging facility
  • An enterprise operating as a restaurant or food service operation
  • An enterprise deemed as a tourism attraction and regarded to specific and quantifiable reach to out-of-town visitors

Loan Limits

  • $50,000 minimum


  • 10 years for machinery and equipment
  • 5 years for real estate (includes land and building acquisition and development)
  • Borrower must provide a minimum of 10% of the project as equity

Job Requirement

One full-time job for every $35,000 that is borrowed must be created or retained as a requirement for this loan. Failure to meet this benchmark will result in an increase of the interest rate to whatever the prime interest rate is at the time the penalty is assessed. This requirement can be waived for family-owned establishments.

Interest Rate

2.50% – 3.5% fixed interest rate for the life of the loan. Target tourism areas, as deemed by CAEDC to be development priority, will receive a special, lower fixed rate.

Success Stories

“We are very grateful to have access to the professional and financial resources offered by CAEDC. They were and are extremely supportive of our efforts to open a restaurant in Lemoyne. Cumberland County businesses like mine are fortunate to have the support and backing provided by CAEDC as they truly care about growing and building our communities.” – Shelly Page, Owner Vrai