Mt. Holly Springs PA 

This small town, nestled in the gap of the south mountains of Cumberland Valley by Mountain Creek, has always been a natural gathering spot for nature travelers. You can begin exploring at the 913-acre Mt. Holly Marsh Preserve, where you can hike approximately 7 miles of trails ranging in difficultly level or observe a wide variety of birds, plants and other wildlife.

Mt. Holly Springs Weather:

Fast & Fun Facts:
  • The average temperature of Mt. Holly Springs is 8 degrees cooler than the surrounding cities.
  • This area of Cumberland Valley was a popular pass through. The historic Holly Inn has origins tracing back to the 1700's.
  • More than 40,000 soldiers passed through this community on their way to Gettysburg.

Mt. Holly Springs residents and those looking to relocate can find helpful information on the Dickinson Township and Mt. Holly Springs Borough websites.

Mt Holly Springs