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Cumberland Valley's (Cumberland County and the surrounding region) combination of strategic location, a thriving economy, and high quality of life make it the perfect place to call home. Did you know that Cumberland County has been ranked the number one county to live in and is also the fastest growing county in the state? Here are more fun facts about this flourishing region of southcentral Pennsylvania.

Facts & Figures

  • Ample job opportunities for professionals of all skill levels and backgrounds in diverse industries such as healthcare, transportation and warehousing, higher education, government, the military, and more.
  • The perfect work-life balance with a delightful combination of walkable downtowns and tree-lined neighborhoods surrounded by a scenic landscape with abundant opportunities for outdoor recreation.
  • A strong commitment to preserving working farms and some of the most fertile, non-irrigated soil found anywhere in the world. Almost 48% of the county remains in agricultural use, ensuring that fresh, seasonal food is readily available at a reasonable cost.
  • A vibrant local arts scene with high-end art galleries, charming local shops featuring a mix of traditional handcrafts made by local artisans and cutting-edge artists, and state-of-the-art performing arts centers. American Craft Week has consistently voted Cumberland Valley one of America's top 10 locations for craft lovers.
  • Easy access to the large cities along the Northeast corridor, including Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, DC, and New York.
  • A strong economy combined with a low cost of living. According to the PA Department of Labor & Industry, the cost of living in the southcentral PA region is almost 5% below the national average.

Come explore all that Cumberland Valley offers. You’re sure to fall in love with its unique combination of diverse natural, cultural, agricultural, recreational, and economic resources that ensure the perfect work-life balance.

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A map illustrating the location of Cumberland Valley, PA & Surrounding States.

Cumberland Valley: In the Heart of Southcentral PA

Easily accessible from several major highways and within a two- to three-hour drive of several major Northeast cities, Cumberland Valley’s location in the heart of southcentral Pennsylvania makes it the perfect destination for a Weekend Easy getaway.

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