It may be hard to believe that there's a hidden gem right in downtown Carlisle! The Trout Gallery is tucked in the Weiss Center for the Arts on High Street and is not only open the public, but a great FREE fine arts museum.

The museum houses Dickinson's permanent exhibits that run from ancient to contemporary. Since opening in 1983, Dickinson's collection has grown to over 6,000 works. It also houses changing exhibits throughout the year that range from across the globe in almost every medium imaginable. This is an excellent resource to the area as well as a great spot to stop and view art that can't be seen anywhere else.

An example of how global the reach can be at The Trout Gallery is their current exhibits - Pull Left Not Always Right Emerging Contemporary Artists in China (on display through December 12th) and The Vase Project Made in China Landscape in Blue (on display through February 20th).

Pull Left combines the works of a selection of young contemporary Chinese artists under the age of 40 who are shaping and defining the future of art. The pieces are varied and explore a range of issues from economic demands on commercial galleries to pressures on the nation's official museums. There are twelve works from this collection on display at The Trout Gallery, the others are on exhibition at the Harrisburg Area Community College, The Trout Gallery's co-host for this exhibition.

The Vase Project includes 101 identically shaped and similarly painted porcelain vessels, which feature scenes of modern industrial landscapes in China. The ceramic vases were thrown by hand in Jingdezhen, China and painted by 101 different painters in the city who specialize in painting ceramics.

The Trout Gallery also holds programming for the public including a variety of children's programming in the Mumper-Stuart Education Center located in the lower level. View upcoming exhibits and programming at