Top Things To Do

Take our word for it - you won't want to miss these hot spots! Whether you are here for a day, weekend or longer, make sure you pack in a few of Cumberland Valley's top attractions, restaurants, and unique hidden gems.

If you are coming at the right time of year, stop by one of our top events for a true Valley experience! There's always something fun going on so check out the events calendar for up-to-date happenings.

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Best Views

Ranked from no hiking at all to extreme hiking:

  1. Negley Park
  2. 2nd Largest Raptor Hangout
  3. Pole Steeple
  4. Flat Rock Trail
  5. Find more great views by following any of the Valley's Top 10 Hikes

Best Events

View the Official Cumberland Valley Events Calendar.

  • World-Renowned Auto Shows, April - October
  • Plein Air Arts Competition & Festival, May
  • New Cumberland Apple Festival, September
  • Pennsboro Pumpkin Fest, October 
  • Shippensburg Corn Festival, August
  • Jubilee Day, June
  • Foundry Day, June
  • American Craft Week, October

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