Best Things to Do in Cumberland Valley

Make sure not to miss out on all the amazing things to see and do in Cumberland Valley. Whether you are here for a day, weekend, or longer, visit some of our top attractions, restaurants, unique hidden gems, or places along our experience trails.

If you visit at the right time of year, attend one of our top events for a true Valley experience!  Whether it's a car show, a juried arts and crafts festival, or the largest one-day street fair on the East Coast, there's always something fun going on. Check out the events calendar for up-to-date happenings.


Top Picks for Live Music in the Valley

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Inexpensive Things To Do This Summer

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Rediscover the Simple Pleasures of Travel in Cumberland Valley

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Carlisle: A Historic Small Town

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Hiking & History

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Must-See in Cumberland Valley

Discover and explore all the possibilities