Effective 5/31/21, all COVID-19 restrictions related to gatherings, restaurants, and other businesses were lifted. The masking order was lifted on 6/28/21. However, businesses and organizations may continue to implement mask policies and individuals may continue to mask if they choose to do so. Our restaurants, shops, attractions, and hotels are ready to welcome you. We encourage visitors to seek and heed the latest expert guidance and take any necessary precautions.

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Adventure Explorations

101 Front Street,
Boiling Springs, PA 17007
(240) 394-0442

Adventure Explorations is a multi-disciplined, concierge adventure company that uses high-quality gear and professional guides to create custom outdoor experiences in rock climbing, kayaking, canoeing, fly and spinner-fishing, Italian cycling, hiking, touring and team-building exercises.  

Adventures are all-inclusive, including gear, guides, gourmet meals, drinks and safety equipment for a four- or eight-hour experience. Fully customizable, excursions range from meditative and relaxing to full-throttle exertion. AE adventures are modifiable for all activity levels and can accommodate those with physical limitations, so everyone — regardless of age or ability — is able to participate.

Located in heart of southcentral Pennsylvania, all trips take place within a 30-miles radius of Boiling Springs, a quaint town with access to miles of hiking trails, serene lakes, world-renowned streams, and scenic mountain vistas. The town is just a short 90-minute car ride from Philadelphia and Baltimore and 2 hours from Washington, DC. 

Let them plan an adventure around your needs.


Safety is the first priority of Adventure Explorations and that makes them the perfect choice when you are seeking a day of well-being and adventure. Trips are guided privately and conducted in groups of six or less. With comprehensive COVID-19 guidelines in place, AE uses a combination of both masks and social distancing to ensure maximum safety.


Adventure Explorations is 100% devoted to inclusivity. Their motto, "no one gets left behind" is intact and at the core of AE's operating philosophy and the fundamental truths it follows.

Team Building

Both Cody and Chris, founders of Adventure Explorations, are expert group leaders and facilitators across a broad spectrum of needs and industries. From corporate teams, executive leadership and entrepreneurs to associations, church groups and mission-driven nonprofits, they lead with creativity and a personal approach to problem solving. Developing the skills needed to improve, adapt, grow and thrive during any time is crucial. Without trust and connection, there can be no meaningful or tangible growth.

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