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Mount Holly Springs Borough

200 Harmon St.,
Mt. Holly Springs, PA 17065
(717) 486-7613

Mt. Holly Springs entered into existence as Iron Furnaces were being built in the 1700's.  The Holly Iron Works was established by Stephen Faulk & William Cox Jr. in approximately 1785 and by 1812 George Ege erected a new furnace to handle the making of cannons and boring of gun barrels.  Mt. Holly Springs originally called Holly from a large Holly tree also was known as Upper and Lower Holly, Kinderminster and Papertown before resting on it's final identity.  Ironically, the name Papertown presumably was linked to the Papermill built there in 1812.  A village located at the base of the South Mountain and entrance of the Holly Gap it was known for its abundance of natural resources.  As the years past, the population continued to grow mostly attributed to the industry demands in the area, but it also became known as a resort spot bringing visitors from Baltimore, Philadelphia and Washington D.C.