Vale-Himes Park

21 N. Pitt Street,
Carlisle, PA 17013
(717) 249-7610

Located next to the Cumberland County Historical Society, downtown Carlisle's first pocket features gardens, benches, and walkway with arrows that point to prominent county landmarks, the green space is a sea of calm that encourages guests to wander in and stay awhile.

The park is named after two historic family lines. Sarah E. Vale was the granddaughter of Dr. Charles F. Himes, professor of physics at Dickinson College from 1865-1896. Himes served for a time as president of the Hamilton Library Association and Cumberland County Historical Society. Ruby Vale, a legal scholar is best known for his contributions to Pennsylvania law through the publication of Vale's Pennsylvania Digest.

The park also serves as an outdoor exhibit, classroom space, and event space. It is available for rental by contacting the Cumberland County Historical Society.