Cumberland Valley has been described as one of the first published places to fly-fish, and this area continues to be world-renowned for the quality of its fishing. There are countless reasons people visit Cumberland Valley throughout the year to fly fish, but just to show a glimpse... here are our top 6!

Fly-Fishing in LeTort Spring RunQuality of Our Fishing Streams

If there is one thing that makes Cumberland Valley stand out for fly-fishing, it's our collection of quality waters. Three of the world-renowned streams in the sport are located here: LeTort Spring Run, Yellow Breeches Creek, and Big Spring Creek. Yellow Breeches is widely known for its stocked brown trout and has a popular mile-long catch-and-release section. Many choose to access this stream at Allenberry in Boiling Springs due to the parking and easily accessible waters. LeTort Spring Run is one of the finest limestone trout streams in the nation and is known for large, wild brown trout. Big Spring Creek is another famous limestone creek that flows through woodland and farmland and includes a 1.5-mile catch-and-release-only fly-fishing area.

Fishing on Yellow Breeches CreekYear-Round Fishing

Unlike many places around the country, fly fishing in Cumberland Valley is a year-round sport. Many of our natural streams keep a consistent temperature allowing for productive fishing throughout the winter months. TIP: The best hatches for trout occur mid-April through June. Smallmouth bass see the best topwater action in late summer.

PA Fly Fishing MuseumCumberland Valley Celebrates Its Fishing History

The "fathers of fly-fishing" knew our streams were unlike many others and documented Cumberland Valley as one of the first places to fly-fish. The Pennsylvania Fly Fishing Museum, located on the outskirts of downtown Carlisle, celebrates the rich fly-fishing heritage of Pennsylvania and Cumberland Valley and features exhibits for Charlie Fox, Vince Marinano, Lefty Kreh, Ed Jaworowski, Joe Humphreys, George Harvey, and others like them who have had a prominent influence on the sport and its resources. Admission to the museum is free.

Adventure ExplorationsAll Skill Levels Welcome

Yellow Breeches is loved by all skill levels of fly-fishers because of its ample amount of trout and mile-long catch and release section. If you're looking for a challenge, LeTort Spring Run is known as one of the more difficult places to fly fish in the world. Plentiful reed beds and taxing currents will give any fisherman a run for their money. Many travel to these waters each year in hopes of catching big and wild brown trout. For those just getting started, guides are plentiful in this area as well. Save yourself some start-up time by going out for an afternoon or day with an experienced guide who can show you the best places to fish and share valuable tips and tricks. Adventure Explorations also offers half-day or full-day guided trips for any skill level and can curate an experience that is tailored to individuals with limited mobility.

Fly-Fishing at LeTort Spring RunVariety of Trout

Those fishing for trout will be pleased that three different types can be found in Cumberland Valley streams, including brook, brown, and rainbow. Brook trout is Pennsylvania's state fish, brown is the most common trout in our waters, and rainbow is usually stocked, the easiest to catch, and the largest.

Precision Fly Fishing & TackleFishing Amenities

The Valley embraces its streams and prime fishing with a variety of amenities for those interested in the sport. If you're looking to find a new favorite fishing spot, start with our convenient parking. View the County Map here and use the fishing symbol to find our parking locations. For a unique experience, visit the Huntsdale Fish Hatchery in Carlisle. The onsite Visitors Center has info on the area and can include a tour of the hatchery and its concrete raceways for trout production. TCO Outdoors in Boiling Springs features everything you need to fly-fish, including a station for fly tying, gear, and guide services. The shop also serves the outdoors community with footwear, apparel, and more. Precision Fly Fishing & Tackle in Mt. Holly Springs sells quality apparel and gear and also offers fly-fishing classes.