It's no secret that Cumberland Valley's breweries serve some great drafts, but two recent competitions solidified the fact with their award announcements including a number of CV locations. Sign up for the free Cumberland Valley Beer Trail digital passport, and Tap, Tour and Try a Pint for yourself!

Pennsylvania Farm Show 2022 Beer Awards

Winners were selected from 122 beer entries in 15 categories representing 25 breweries from 20 counties. Find the full list of awarded breweries here.

Appalachian Brewing Company

Big Bottom Brewery

  • Amber Lager, 2nd Place

Big Bottom Brewery

  • Fruit/Herb/Vegetable, 3rd Place for It's Gourd For You, imperial pumpkin ale

Hemauer Brewing Co.

Wallet Phone Keys

  • Pale Ale, 2nd Place for AmericanizationKettle Sour, 3rd Place for Kosmic Boom #1, the fruited sour series

Wolf Brewing Co.

  • Dark Larger, 3rd Place for Dusk ‘til Dawn Dark Czech Lager
  • C&J Catering selected Wolf's Stochl Pilsner as the beer that was used to make the PA Farm Show Beer Cheese. 

Zeroday Brewing

  • IPA >7.5%, 3rd Place for Triple IPA - Wallet. Phone. Keys. ABV 10%


2021 Breweries in PA Readers' Choice Winners

Close to 100,000 votes were cast by Breweries in PA readers, who chose their favorite Pennsylvania breweries in 14 different categories for 2021.  Find the full list of winners here.

Ever Grain Brewing Co.

Ever Grain Brewing Sorbetto Series

  • Best Beer Series, 2nd Place for Sorbetto Series
  • Bet IPA, 1st Place for Joose Juicy

Hemauer Brewing Co.

  • Best Beer Name, 2nd Place for Oats-N-Hoes

Pizza Boy Brewing Co.

Al's of Hampden/Pizza Boy Brewing

  • Best Stout, 2nd Place for Sunny Side Up
  • Best Social Media, 2nd Place for Sunny Side Up

Wolf Brewing Co.

Wolf Brewing Co.

  • Best New Brewery, 3rd Place
  • Best Food, 3rd Place
  • Best Beer Garden, 3rd Place
  • Best Taproom, 2nd Place