Enola, PA

Enola's roots hail back to the expansion of railroad transportation, and rail lines still run through the heart of town. Today, it is still a postcard of small-town Pennsylvania, complete with a Shady Lane and a historic one-room schoolhouse. Fun facts about the area:

  • Urban legend says the name Enola was established by original settlers who intentionally picked the backward spelling of "alone" to discourage others from moving to the town. According to the Historical Society of East Pennsboro Township, the town actually got its name from Francis and Wesley Miller. Mr. Miller sold about two acres of land to the Northern Central Railroad to be used as a flag station. He had the opportunity to name the station and chose to name it after his four-year-old daughter, Enola Francis Miller (1884-1962).
  • The Enola Miller House, built in 1841 by Enola's great-grandfather, was relocated in 2021 from Valley Road and First Street in Summerdale to a lot at First & Miller Streets. The iconic mountain stone house is on the county's Register of Historic Places and will be used in the near future as the new location of the Historical Society of East Pennsboro Township.
  • The Enola Rail Yard, located along the western shore of the Susquehanna River, has been in use since 1905 and was the world's largest freight yard until 1956. 

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