Shippensburg PA 

Scenic Shippensburg is a friendly and attractive college town in Cumberland Valley PA. Located on our county's western-most border, it is still just a short drive from many metro areas including Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington, D.C.

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Fast & Fun Facts:
  • Pague and Fegan, located downtown, is the oldest continually operated hardware store in Pennsylvania.
  • Settled in 1730 by Scots Irish families, Shippensburg is the oldest community in the Cumberland Valley.
  • A borough in both Cumberland and Franklin counties, Shippensburg has been the home of many industries, including the Beistle Company, the oldest and largest manufacturer of decorations and party goods, and the Volvo facility.

Those relocating and residents can find helpful information at the Shippensburg BoroughShippensburg Township and Southampton Township websites.

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