Boiling Springs PA 

The picturesque, historic district of Boiling Springs is brimming with a world-renowned fly-fishing, access to the famous Appalachian Trail and more, all nestled around a lake that literally bubbles.

If you're simply looking to relax, visit the charming shops where you can watch local artists-in-action or browse award-winning nature and wildlife art. Explore Boiling Springs today!

Boiling Springs Weather:

Fast & Fun Facts:
  • In the 1800's, Island Grove in the Yellow Breeches Creek provided a great hiding place for freedom seekers on the Underground Railroad, thanks to its cloak of tall trees, low vines, dense shrubbery and the dedication of abolitionist Daniel Kaufman. Kaufman's house still stands on Front Street in the town of Boiling Springs.
  • From 1875-1930, first a steam launch then a trolley ran to this popular destination to drop passengers off at Children's Lake Park to enjoy the dance pavilion and beautiful picnic spot.
  • Boiling Springs get its name from the natural spring that runs into Children's Lake that literally bubbles. The 52 degrees Fahrenheit year-round temperature limits the possibility of swimming, but it is the perfect spot for a leisurely paddle or fishing with the family.

Residents and those relocating can find helpful information on the South Middleton Township website.