Bike Routes in Cumberland Valley

Cumberland Valley's scenic trails and charming downtowns welcome bikers to explore all the Valley has to offer. View the routes below that will lead you through bike-friendly towns, picturesque back roads, rolling hills and more. Pick your favorite or try them all to find your new route, each includes the distance and elevation. Visit the Hiking & Biking page for more information or read our Cycling in Cumberland Valley trip idea for more suggestions. 

TIP: If you're traveling and don't want to bring the bikes, you can rent them at Holmes Cycling & Fitness in Camp Hill.

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Biking in the CV

Boiling Springs to Mt. Holly Springs and Carlisle Loop

Camp Hill to New Cumberland Loop

Carlisle to Mechanicsburg, Camp Hill, Lemoyne and Harrisburg - Direct Route

Carlisle to Opossum Lake Loop - Quarter-Century Loop

Carlisle to Boiling Springs - Quarter-Century Loop

Carlisle to Boiling Springs Loop

Carlisle to Newville - Half-Century Loop

Carlisle to Shippensburg - Option 1

Carlisle to Shippensburg - Option 2

Carlisle to Shippensburg - Option 3

Cumberland Valley Rail Trail - Shippensburg to Newville

Cumberland Valley Rail Trail - Newville to Shippensburg

Mechanicsburg to Boiling Springs Loop

Mechanicsburg to McCormick Road Loop

Mechanicsburg to Boiling Springs Loop - 32 miles

Mechanicsburg North Loop

Shippensburg to Carlisle - Safest Direct Route


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