Nestled in the heart of downtown Mechanicsburg, a comfortable haven just opened its doors. Lounge 611 is not just a cigar retail store and lounge; it's an intimate experience designed to captivate aficionados and newcomers alike.

Lounge 611 promises an unparalleled experience for cigar enthusiasts. This full-service establishment offers premium cigars and accessories in an ambiance inspired by the opulence of luxury train cars – a nod to the town's railroading history. With a capacity to accommodate up to 40 visitors, the lounge beckons with cozy vignette seating areas where patrons can indulge in leisurely moments of relaxation.

Lounge 611 isn't just about cigars; it's about partnering with others to elevate the visitor experience. Local businesses will provide food options such as specialty charcuterie boards featuring locally sourced meats and cheeses, snacks, and other sweet treats. While Lounge 611 awaits its liquor licenses, guests are encouraged to complement these offerings with BYOB. Moreover, their calendar will feature numerous high-profile events, such as multi-course dinner and cigar pairings, attracting guests from near and far. By forging alliances with local hotels, the cigar lounge entices visitors to extend their stay and explore the rich offerings of Cumberland Valley.

For Lounge 611, success isn't merely measured in profits; it's gauged by the breadth of their reach and the depth of their impact. As this unique location draws patrons from far and wide, the vision is to transform this small business into a regional destination and contribute to the cultural landscape of Mechanicsburg and Cumberland Valley. Each visitor's experience -- from the moment they step into Lounge 611 to the memories they carry home -- serves as a testament to the success of this endeavor.

The Cumberland Area Economic Development Corporation (CAEDC), the umbrella organization for the Cumberland Valley Visitors Bureau, supported Lounge 611's vision with a $60,000 grant to help purchase bar equipment and furniture, build out the humidor, install an air purification system, and purchase a point-of-sale system. Billy Morrison, owner and general manager, says, "The CAEDC grant was important because it allowed us to open with the ability to execute our vision fully. I appreciate their support, guidance, and help in bringing Lounge 611 to fruition. The grant dollars helped complete the necessary funding to build a beautiful and unique space."

Lounge 611 isn't just a business venture; it's a testament to the owner's ties to Mechanicsburg and his unwavering belief in its potential. Billy notes, "I am a resident of Mechanicsburg, and my wife and I knew that we wanted to open a business in town because we are excited about the new additions to our area. We wanted to be a part of the new growth that downtown Mechanicsburg is experiencing. I am proud to be a part of Cumberland Valley businesses and look forward to helping our area grow."

As Lounge 611 opens to the public, guests are welcome to embark on an entertaining journey with friends and relatives as they elevate their senses with every puff of a cigar and every clink of a glass.