The leadership staff ride program offered by the Army Heritage Center Foundation can help you assess your company’s readiness to adapt to change and provide you with lessons to assist your efforts. 

A staff ride is more than a battlefield tour. The battlefield provides a illustrative experience, an intellectual vessel that an organization can use to understand how humans act in times of crisis; how adaptation to changing conditions is essential; and how leadership matters. The experience can also provide an emotionally neutral framework to discuss internal and external challenges facing the organization.

In central Pennsylvania, Gettysburg National Military Park provides a superb and accessible location to conduct a corporate staff ride. This battle changed the fortunes of both the Union and the Confederate Armies during the American Civil War. Our staff ride program will examine leadership from both the Union and the Confederate perspective during the months and weeks leading up the battle and during the three days of decisive combat at Gettysburg.   

Depending on the needs of the corporation, the process can begin several weeks before the event when each member of the team attending the event receives a read-ahead packet that includes a battlefield booklet with map boards to begin their own study of the battle.

A general program description can be found at

For additional information or to discuss a program tailored to your company’s needs please contact the Foundation offices at 717-258-1102.