National Small Business Week and Pennsylvania Small Business Week – taking place from April 28 to May 4, 2024 – celebrate and recognize the hard work, ingenuity, and dedication of small business owners who make their neighborhoods vibrant places to live, work, and play and provide a profound impact on the thriving local economy here in Cumberland Valley.

According to the Small Business Administration, small businesses account for over 99% of all companies in the country and employ nearly half of the private-sector workforce. These statistics underscore the vital role that small businesses play in contributing to job creation and fostering economic vitality. In the Commonwealth,

  • 2024 Small Business Week Infographic13,661 Pennsylvania small businesses sold goods worth $12.6 billion internationally in 2021.
  • When you spend $100 at a small business, $48 goes back into the local community. If you spend that $100 at a big store, only $14 stays local.  (Source:

Moreover, small businesses serve as incubators of innovation, constantly pushing boundaries and introducing new products, services, and solutions to the market. Whether it's a tech startup revolutionizing an industry or a family-owned restaurant serving up authentic flavors, the entrepreneurial spirit embodied by small business owners fuels creativity and drives progress.

Beyond their economic contributions, small businesses also cultivate a sense of community and identity within our neighborhoods. The storefronts and restaurants seen along Cumberland Valley's walkable downtown streets are not just places of commerce. They infuse each community with character and charm and create an inviting and welcoming environment for residents and visitors.

During Small Business Week, the Cumberland Area Economic Development Corporate (CAEDC) and the Cumberland Valley Visitors Bureau celebrate the achievements of our partners and reaffirm our commitment to supporting them year-round. At CAEDC, we are dedicated to empowering small businesses and fostering an environment where they can thrive. We work directly with you to understand your project, identify funding sources, analyze options, and provide support and guidance.

Whether it's through patronage, advocacy, mentorship, or funding, each of us has a role to play in ensuring the success and sustainability of our small business community.

As we embark on Small Business Week, we celebrate the resilience, innovation, and community spirit embodied by Cumberland Valley's small business owners. Their dedication and passion drive our economic prosperity, and their contributions deserve recognition and appreciation.

Together, let's continue to champion our small businesses not only during #SmallBusinessWeek and #PASmallBiz24, but every day.

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