Congratulations to the Hamilton Restaurant for winning the 2023 Meal Madness bracket.

The Hamilton is Carlisle's oldest, continuously operating restaurant, marking 85 years in June 2023. Beloved by local residents for generations, the Hot-Chee Dog and the Hamilton Restaurant have become intricately linked to Carlisle’s identity as a community over the past eight decades. Thanks to the efforts of Destination Carlisle, a Legends & Lore historical marker installed outside the restaurant recognizes the importance of the restaurant and the contribution of Greek immigrants and their families to our local food culture. Grab a Hot-Chee dog to go, and take a picture outside by the marker. 

Cumberland Valley Meal Madness Brackets

Thank you for voting in our 2023 Meal Madness bracket.

Cumberland Valley's more than 250 local restaurants serve a tempting variety of palate-pleasing dishes and drinks. The Meal Madness bracket celebrates the rich diversity of these culinary offerings and supports these small businesses that contribute to our community's unique character and economic livelihood.